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Firefox is the best web browser available, if you are unfortunate enough to still be using Internet Explorer then it's time to change.
Firefox has add-ons such as the Web Developer Toolbar, Firebug and Total Validator, which are essential to the course.
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Notepad++ is used for HTML, CSS and PHP, It is also free to download.
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Windows Apache MySQL PHP or WAMP is free to download. It is also available in Linux and Apple format. Running PHP requires a server to run the program, you will not be able to run a PHP program on a personal computer with this (WAMP).
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Allway Sync
A program that allows the user to sync Folders/Files/USB Sticks etc. If you want to back-up your assignments or take your work home with you, this is useful.
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Serif Photoplus Free Edition
This is one of the programs used in CS1107, worth downloading to practice at home and for assignments.
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Uploading files to the Computer Science Server can be done in a couple of ways, in my opinion this this the easiest way to do it. This program has been of great use to me this year.
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This is an SSH program used in CS1106 for MySQL database.
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This is also used in CS1107 for creating images using HEX.
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Samphire Microprocessor Simulator
This is used in CS1101, it simulates the functions of a microprocessor. It comes up in the in class text and on the christmas assignments (can be tricky, so attend the labs).
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Open Office
While Microsoft Office is on the CS Computers, its main problem is price. Open Office is a free decent alternative.
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AVG Anti-Virus
If you plan on registering your laptop to avail of the free wireless around the campus, you MUST have anti-virus on your laptop. This can be expensive but luckily AVG provide this free edition.
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VLC Media Player
This media player plays almost every type of media. While not essential to the course every system should have it.
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This link is for the UCC SIT website.
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Umail Account
This link is for the student Umail account login. CHECK YOUR EMAIL EVERY MORNING, NOON AND NIGHT, for updates.
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Computer Science students are VERY lucky that they have their own computer lab (this year it was G20), if you have free periods or want to come in outside of usual lecture hours to do some work or study. The students of the rest of the university use the Computer Center which is always busy and noisy (when you go to register your laptop for wireless, you will see how lucky we are). If you intend on using these computers to play games or update your Facebook page then you are wasting these resources and also your time.

The only way to succeed in Computer Science is to practice (programming, photo editing, problem solving and web design), spend as much time as possible either in the Lab or at home using the software listed here and it will save you alot of time during exams.

This website was prepared using alot of what I have learned this year in a couple of modules, it will be used as the years (fingers crossed) go by to add additional items and modify the layout with advanced features

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